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RINGER Fall protection & roofer equipment


Protection bracket and safety net

RINGER protection bracket is used as a fall protection for work in roof and edge areas. It complies with Austrian norm ÖNORM B4007 as well as regulations for safety construction work according ÖNORM EN 13374 class “C”. It can be used for any falling height when slope of the roof is less than 45° and in case angle is up to 60°, falling height should not exceed 5,00 m. 

Dachfang 1.jpg  Dachfang Netz.JPG


Item Art.Nr.   Weight
Protection bracket incl. guardrail galvanized 270V5   16,00kg
Protection net 2,00x10,00m 254 871   5,60kg

Verge guardrail

RINGER verge guardrail is a convenient and safe way to safeguard the edges.  In combination with RINGER roof bracket it gives optimal protection for the whole roof area.

  • Mounting and dismounting is possible from the roof
  • 3 holders for planks for different heights
  • Flat outside rail clip for easy mounting of clip board
  • Can also be used on the roofs with insulation
  • Can be used with set-back rafter

Ortgang.JPG    Ortganggeländer.jpg


Item Art.Nr. Weight
Verge guardrail  galvanized 270V53 13,00kg

Guardrail clamp

  • Stepless adjustment up to  max. 60 cm
  • Simple, time saving installation
  • No loose parts
  • Easy moving due to Dywidag spindle



Brüstungszwinge an Stiege.jpg



Stringers guardrail clamp

Made according to BAUV § 58 (3) for working scaffolding


Brüstungszwinge an Decke.jpg Brüstungszwinge an Deckentisch.jpg
slabs slab formwork

Item Art.Nr. Weight
Guardrail clamp galvanized 230V6 9,50kg

Protection railing with UNI clamp

One system for complete protection

  • Quick and easy protection
  • Board holder is  360° turnable
  • Toe board holder can be adjusted in height
  • Set-out cotter is safeguarded by chain
  • Universal for any protection railing
  • Durable tot o galvanisation
  • Slab thickness: max. 40,00cm (for UNI clamp)
  • Interval: max. 2,00 m

Schutzgeländer 1.jpg   Schutzgeländer 2.jpg   Schutzgeländer 3.jpg


Item Art.Nr. Weight
Protection railing screwable galvanized 230V7 2,80kg
UNI clamp galvanized 230V8 4,50kg
Angel adaptor galvanized 230V9 1,00kg
Anchor sleeve DW15 Alu L-19cm
(incl. Nail plates PVC)
254 0,07kg


Catching (protection) scaffolding

Comply with EN12180 and EN13374 as well as construction safety regulations B 4007.


Item Art.Nr. Weight
Protection post SB 2m 272V1 9,50kg
Guardrail DG 2m    272V2 272V2 9,00kg

Roof protection grid

Controlled according to regulations from DIBT according to ZH 1/585. Comply with construction safety regulations B 4007. Protection grid is used for work on the roof surface.

Schutzgitterst.jpg     SCHUTZG3.jpg

Item Art.Nr. Weight
Protection grid 2,50m x 1,00m, galvanized 270V1 18,50kg
Supporting tune 1,54m with carabiner, galvanized 270V2 2,90kg
Tension chain with carabiner galvanized 270V3 0,70kg

Bracket platform 3S

Quick and easy: insert extension – tension net - ready



  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Automatic safety lock
  • Small transport and storage volume
  • Glued solid wood platform, planed with edge protection
  • Unbreakable steel profile galvanized
  • No damage during transportation
  • No lose parts
  • Marking with company logo is possible


Protection net

RINGER protection net comply with EC norm EN 1263-1.


Functioning of the net:

This type of net is identified as a side protection net Type "U". It is a protection net to be used vertically within load bearing structures.
It serves for fall protection for people as well as protection from falling objects (like construction waste, tools etc).  
Side protection net Type "U" is used for example at scaffolding and as a side protection for working on inclined and flat roofs and bridges.:





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