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RINGER Quality Claim


We are a professional, reliable and flexible partner for your construction site!

RINGER is not the largest company on the formwork and scaffolding market, but we are one of the leading companies. Our continual developement combined with a steady growth allows us to meet also the most demanding needs  of our customers.
RINGER is certified according to ISO 9001 - 2008.
Our formwork and scaffolding systems are made from high quality certified raw materials. Our ambition is to produce highest quality and to offer products, which are the best solution for any economical and contstructional requirement. We care to supply our customers with the best possible equiment for their efficiency and safety.
Constant quality control and staff training allow us to offer high quality at any stage of production. Our welding procces underlies controlling of the SLV Munich. Our product developement is always supervised by  independent metallurgists and structural engineers.

Producer certificate for welding and steel works
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