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RINGER History

An austrian family business over decades!

RINGER was founded by our mother and grandmother Stefanie Ringer. In 1944 she opened a forge in the Upper Austrian town of Vöcklabruck with a staff of four. After the sudden and far to early death of her husband Josef in 1949 the oldest son Franz entered the business. Soon his brothers Isidor and Franz followed. The three of them developed RINGER KG to a successful and reliable partner of the austrian construction business. 

The international success story of RINGER began with the new production site in the town of Regau. The next generation entered the business with Stefanie´s grandsons Peter, Markus and Thomas. All of them had grown up within the family business and with a strong feeling of familiy bonds. Traditions and values of previous generations define the management manners of the new generation.

Customers in more than 50 countries all over the world rely on RINGER.

Pioneers over decades!

In 1958 RINGER was Austria´s first producer of slab formwork, in 1962 the first producer of steel prop scaffoldings, in 1987 we produced Austria´s first aluminium formwork. From the beginning we have been offering our customers efficient, time and cost saving construction site solutions. Our products guarantee fast asembly and disassembly and meet the requirements of constructiono on any site. Our systems range among the most popular scaffolding and formwork products in the world of construction.

We all feel the responsibiltiy to preserve what our pre-generations have established and take it into a successful future. Our strong principles include close face-to-face customer contact and absolute  reliability. Most of our customers have been with us for decades. We are proud of that!

RINGER is not only the name of our products. RINGER is our name. RINGER stands for quality made in Austria, reliability and a strong family and business tradition.



  • 1944: RINGER  was founded as a forge by Stefanie Ringer.
  • 1958: Production of first steel props 
  • 1961: Production of first scaffolding

  • 1968: Formation of RINGER KG by Josef, Isidor and Franz Ringer
  • 1987: Launch of the first Austrian aluminium formwork
  • 1992: Launch of RINGER MASTER Formwork system in aluminium and steelRinger_aktuell
  • 1993: New RINGER headquarters in Regau
  • 1997: Developement of export sales with partners in Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Romania
  • 2001: Export manager Tomas Ringer enters the family business
  • 2004: Launch of  RINGER MASTER steel elements with 3.3m height
    60 years of RIGNER
  • 2006: Launch of RINGER ST2000
  • 2007: Launch of the new Ringer-table system
    RINGER is awarded "Best formwork supplier" of Austria
  • 2009: RINGER is awarded "Best company of the region"
  • 2011: Acquisition of  formwork manufacturer in Hungary

  • 2012: RINGER is awarded "Model enterprise" of Austria

  • 2014: New RINGER Exhibition and Training Center

  • 2015: Launch of ALU MASTER System elements with 3m height

  • 2016: Relaunch of RINGER Double Railing Scaffolding in aluminium
              Launch of RINGER Slab Formwork RINGER DEK 30
  • 2017: Expansion of storage and production areas at the Regau location                                                         including photovoltaic system 200 kW

              Construction of a new external location in Gratkorn-Friesach (Styria)                                                     Commissioning of the new external location Klagenfurt                                                                           Takeover of the management by MMag. Peter Rungger                                                                         Place1 in the SOLID supplier ranking: Category formwork technology

  • 2018: Turnover for the first time over 40 million euros

              Expansion of the production area at the Regau location                                                                         Mart introduction 3,30 x 2,70 m element with MASTER formwork                                                           1st place in the SOLID Supplier Rank: Category formwork technology