precast walls

Precast Walls

Equipment for precast concrete construction.

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Bracket for Precast Walls


The bracket for precast walls is particulary suitable to be used as working platform for double-shell precast walls.

Simple assembly steps allow the bracket to be hooked into the wall within a very short time. A clamp for side protection guarantees additional safety.

Thanks to the installation kit (one-time plastic part), dismantling the bracket is easy and fast.


​​​​​​​> Strong performance

  • Max. load capacity 150 kg/m²
  • Max. spacing between Brackets 2,0 m
  • Scaffolfing width 750mm
  • Max width of concrete shell 80mm

> Light-weight bracket

  • For double shell precast walls

> Fast & safe work

  • Simple to hang on the wall
  • Easy removal from the concrete wall unsing the installation kit (one-time plastic part)

> Highly efficient

  • Durable
  • Low storage and transport volume

> Robust and weather resistant

  • Galvanized steel parts

Bracket for Precast Walls

Clamp for Precast Walls

Installation Kit for Precast Walls

One-time plastic part for easy and fast dismantling of the bracket.

Used with the 3S platform for precast walls as well as with the bracket for precast walls. 

Push-Pull Props for supporting walls. 


Ringer Push-Pull Props are available in various sizes, load capacities and designs. The smooth-running thread enables the precast or formwork panels to be set up quickly and easily. 

Depending on the design and size, Ringer Push-Pull Props are available both galvanized and dip-painted. To ensure individual use, different head and foot plates as well as various special sizes are available.

​​​​​​​> Versatile usage

  • Suitable for push and pull load
  • Different head and base plates available
  • Different sizes and designs available

> Fast & safe work

  • Easy to handle thread
  • Quick erection of prefabricated walls and formwork panels

> Robust and weather resistant

  • Hot-dip galvanized or dip-coated

> Special sizes upon request

Concreting Platform L. 

Our versatile platform that can be used with a wide variety of formwork systems. 

The RINGER concreting platform L comes as a preassembled unit and can be easily attached to the formwork by crane.

The self-acting excavation protection as well as the glued and impregnated wooden decking guarantee highest safety on site.

Precise workmanship and hot-dip galvanized metal parts ensure a long service life. 

With the additionally available precast adapter, the concreting platform L can be easily and quickly mounted on precast walls.


> Strong performance

  • Load capacity up to 200 kg/m²
  • Lenght 2,70 m / Width 1,00 m
  • Light-weight 66 kg

> Versatile

  • Fits all standard formwork systems (with 10-14cm widths)
  • Can be used with Alu and Steel Formwork
  • Suited for precast walls

> Robust and weather resistant

  • Galvanized steel parts
  • Glued and Lignopro impregnated wooden parts

> Fast & safe work

  • Preassambled unit made of robust system parts
  • Automatic uplift protection
  • Ready to use within a few steps 
  • Easy to mount with crane
  • No losable parts

> Smart product design

  • Ready-to-assemble with foldable railing
  • Low stacking height

> High efficiency

  • Durable
  • Low storage and transport volume

3S-Platform for Precast Walls


The 3S Platform for precast walls is used as work scaffolding during assembly and when concreting wall and slab.  

With the 3S suspension shoe for precast wall the Ringer 3S platform quickly turns into a work scaffolding for double-shell precast walls. 

The plastic installation kit, which enables easy removal from the concrete, is a significant advantage. 


​​​​​​​> Strong performance

  • Max load capacity 200 kg/m²
  • Max bracket spacing 2,0 m
  • Scaffolding width 1,2 m
  • Max. width of concrete shell 80 mm

> Can be used as working scaffold

  • During assembly / during concreting

> Fast & safe work

  • Simple to hang on the wall
  • Easy removal from the concrete wall using the installation kit (one-time plastic part)

> Highly efficient

  • Durable
  • Low storage and transport volume
  • The 3S Platform can be used fast and simple for precast walls

> Robust and weather resistant

  • Galvanized steel panels



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