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High speed forming at its best. 

The fastest among modular slab formwork systems.



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Product Features

> High speed forming

  • Stripping & forming of the fastes floor plan within 0,14h/m2
  • On average only 0,19h/m2
  • 10%* faster than the second fastest system (on average)

*Source:  Arbeitszeit-Richtwerte im Hochbau (ARH), Handbuch Arbeitsorganisation Bau „Schalarbeiten/Systemschalung Decken 2022“, Zeittechnik-Verlag

> Performance

  • Light-weight panels 16 kg/m²
  • Up to 30 cm thick slabs without additional support
  • Thicker slabs are formed with additional props

> Versatile

  • Panel size 1,35 x 1,35 m (1,82 m²) 
  • For any layout

> Time and cost saving

  • Few individual parts and low weight 
  • One drop head for all purposes (edge-, joint and corner areas)
  • Large scale forming due to 1,82m ² sized panels
  • Use of standard floor props with 20 kN possible

> Can be combined with AL2000 Wall Formwork

> Stable and ergonomic geometry

  • Stable aluminium panels
  • Easy cleaning

> Safe assembly

  • From floor level (quick lowering head)
  • Simple hanging and lifting of panels

>Simple transport and neat storage


Optimized for a rapid construction progress.


RINGER AluDek is a modular slab formwork with extra light 1,82m² aluminum panels. The system enables safe forming and stripping from the ground.

Only one type of drop head for edge, joint and corner areas enables rapid construction progress. The systematic assembly sequence and lightweight system components accelerate working operations.

AluDEK can be flexibly adapted to suit any building layout and can be combined with wall formwork system AL2000.

No need of heavy duty props, standard floor props (20kN) can be used.


The fastest among modular slab formwork systems.


The reputed "Institut for time management and construction business consultancy" in Neu-Isenburg (Germany") evaluated 18 slab formwork systems on different floor plans and room heights and published the results in its latest handbook.

Except for one superstructure variant, in which RINGER AluDEK was as fast as the competition, AluDEK proved to be the significantly fastest system in all categories. Even compared to the runner-up, AluDEK still achieved an average 10% lead.*

* Soucre: Arbeitszeit-Richtwerte im Hochbau (ARH), Handbuch Arbeitsorganisation Bau „Schalarbeiten/Systemschalung Decken 2022“, Zeittechnik-Verlag


Application of 1,82 m² sized AluDEK panels save material and time. Light-weight panels allow simple hand-set forming of slabs.

RINGER AluDEK drop head for all purposes. Only one drop head necessary for edge-, joint- and corner areas.

Simple forming from floor level with assembly bar. 

The wall formwork as slab formwork.


The innovative RINGER AluDEK head makes the system compatible to our wall formwork AL2000.

AL2000 wall panels are used as slab formwork panels for fitting areas and smaller surfaces. Combined with large scale AluDEK panels the system is fast, flexible and economical.

RINGER 2000 products in aluminium turn two systems into one complete system for walls and slabs. ​​​​​​​


The AluDEK head is equipped with a quick lowering system. During stripping, the lowering wedge is loosened with a hammer so that the formwork panels can be conveniently dismantled.

Edge protection is provided by the RINGER side protection system, which can be used on the AluDEK with a simple adapter.

Our standard stacking pallet can be used for transportation and storage of all aluminium formworks. Loading volume 20 pcs 1,35 x 1,35 m panels.





Annex Graz Hospital

The order run hospital of the "Barmherzige Brüder" in Graz is turned into a center of surgery with a large Department of Internal Medicine. Until 2015 the hospital will be subject to constructional extension, renovation and modernization.

Bella Vista at lake Wolfgangsee

A 6-storey residential complex is currently being built on the edge of Lake Wolfgang. The AluDEK slab formwork system was used to ensure a rapid construction progress.

The Project​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Project​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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