Formwork system equipment

Spare parts & Accessories

The perfect equipment for your formwork system. 

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UNI-Clamp System Master

For a powerful connection of panels.

Coupler Forged for System 2000

For a powerful connection of panels.


In combination with tie rods for a reliable connection of formwork panels.

Tie Rod ​​​​​​​

Ties Master PRO

Adjustable Master Coupler

For compensation up to 20 cm.

Master Aligning Clamp

For compensations up to 10 cm.

Master Stop-End Coupler

​​​​​​​For max. 40 cm wall thickness.

Push and Pull Props

For setting and alignment of the formwork system.

Available up to 8,90 m lenght.

Waler & UNI-Waler

For compensation, various ties and circular formwork.


For attachment of walers to the multi-function profile.

Compensation panels

Available widths: 2 cm / 3 cm / 5 cm and 10 cm

Bracket with railing

To attach concreting platforms to the formwork.

Brace Frame "L"

For one-side operated forming.

Max. formwork height 2,70 m


Brace Frame "M"

For one-side operated forming

Max. formwork height 3,30 m

Brace frame "S"

For one-side operated forming.

Max. formwork height 6,00 m

Circular Forming Plate

For forming of round walls and shapes. (polygonal)

Stripping Corner

For simple stripping of lift shafts etc.

Foundation Clamp with perforated tape

For simple forming of foundations or enclosures.

Foundation Clamp

For simple stripping of foundations or enclosures.

Adjustment range up to 90 cm

Ground Anchor

For stripping of floor panels.

Block Supporting (Faulenzer)

Supports the building of walls or reveals.

Adjustment range 2,20 - 3,90 m

Spacer Tube (Wear part)

For adjustment of wall thickness.

Available sizes 15 - 50 cm in 5 cm steps.


Uni-Tie Cones 20-25 mm

For covering of System Master tie points.

Tie Cone black

​​​​​​​For covering tie points of System 2000.

Tie Cone brown

For covering tie points of UNI-panels.

Release Agent

Special Release Agent

For exposed concrete.

Spraying Device

Device to apply release agent on plywood.


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