Brand relaunch for RINGER scaffolding + formwork

Ringer GmbH – brand relaunch after a record breaking year​​​​​​​

2019 was the most successful year of Ringer GmbH's 75 year corporate history. For the anniversary the family business, rich in tradition, starts a brand relaunch, expands the headquater and is optimistic about the future despite Covid19.

Best Year in the Company's History

The year 2019 with a turnover of more than 46 million Euros (+15% vs. previous year) was the most successful in the history of the Regau based formwork and scaffolding producer.

Both product groups faced a dramatic increase in sales. An obvious plus was reached especially in the south and east of Austria, where Ringer has previously invested a lot in the expansion of its sites in Friesach, Klagenfurt and Oberwaltersdorf. There was also a high demand for RINGER formworks internationally.

What led to the success is a strong corporate philosophy based on personal contact to the customers, absolute reliability and flexible yet punctual implementation, says CEO Peter Rungger. A strong year for Austria´s construction business did the rest. "2019 was a great year for the construction industry. Order books were full, construction companies busy; overall there was a great dynamic in the market“, says shareholder and sales director Markus Ringer.  

Anniversary and Covid19 Year 2020

2020 will probably look different. Actually RINGER wanted to celebrate the 75 year anniversary with customers and partners in May. Instead of a celebration, there was Covid19, which resulted in home office, safety measures and finally the lock down of the construction business. "We reacted quickly and could maintain our reliability and close personal contact to our customers. At no time were there supply shortages nor delays.“, Rungger points out, proud of the RINGER crisis management. The CEO predicts, that the actual impact of the Covid19 crisis on the construction business will hit the second half of the year. "We are certainly cautious, when it comes to buying new material and see a certain tendency towards lease options“, says Markus Ringer.

Family Values and Investments

RINGER has always been managed economically, also in good times, says Peter Rungger and refers to an equity ratio above the Austrian average.There are certain values of great importance to the Ringer family; handshake quality, punctuality, reliability and economical thinking. Therefore RINGER is not only a strong partner in the construction business, but also a healthy company.

2019 a 5.000 m² production and storage building was added to the site in Regau and a fully automatic formwork cleaning system implemented. The realization of a new logistics system facilitates processes. A total investment of almost 7 million euros. Furthermore an additional area of 35.000 m2 was bought in Regau to ensure further expansion and to be prepared for future growth. By now the RINGER headquater extends over more 110.000 m². An expansion of the site in Oberwaltersdorf and the development of services offered are planned in 2020.

New brand identity: Let´s Build

"After 75 successful years in business, it was time for a new brand identity“, Peter Rungger announces what is to come in 2020s second half. Together with the brand agency SERY* Brand Communications a completely new corporate design was created for RINGER GmbH. Core of the campaign: even more focus on the RINGER quality. " As a partner of the construction industry RINGER guarantees reliability, flexibility and close contact to our customers. That has been our claim for more than 75 years and it has not changed“, says Rungger. "Our formwork and scaffolding systems are among the safest in the construction industry, we are known for flexible solutions. This message is supported by our new design and our claim "Let´s Build“. Behind all this stands a family of entrepreneurs passionately commited to realising and implementing construction projects in and out of Austria.


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