photovoltaik anlage einzelne solarmodule ringer gmbh

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Climate protection and sustainability
​​​​​​​are important to us.

The Austria-based scaffolding and formwork producer RINGER is sending a clear signal for climate friendliness and sustainability. One of the largest PV plants in the country now supplies electricity for around 330 households.

The family business has been operating its own biomass heating plant and a photovoltaic system for years. The existing 360 kWp PV plant has now been expanded by a plant with an output of 1000kWp. The new plant consists of 2,700 individual collectors with an occupied area of 5,000m² and is spread over the roofs of several production halls. With a total output of 1,360 kWp, Ringer thus currently operates the largest PV plant in the district of Vöcklabruck. The high-performance rooftop plant supplies electricity for 330 households.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"Climate protection and sustainability are more than marketing terms to us. In addition to the cost of the PV system, we have made considerable efforts to be able to supply the green energy we generate to the power supply network," says Managing Director Peter Rungger. The total investment costs were around 900,000, almost a quarter of this was needed for the construction of a transformer for the energy provider.

This feeds 80% of the energy produced into the public power supply network.The remaining amount is consumed by the company itself. "We would like to consume more of the green electricity we generate ourselves, in the spirit of sustainable use of environmental resources, but unfortunately the current rather complex framework and funding conditions do not permit this," says Rungger. With the new PV system, Ringer produces more than 1,200 MWh of electricity annually, saving 350 tons of CO². This corresponds to a driving distance of around 2.3 million kilometers with a medium-sized car.


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