the Red Cross

RINGER GmbH from Regau is a company that focuses on safety and prevention. With the support of the crisis intervention team of the Red Cross, RINGER expands its social commitment - and finds the right jacket at the Red Cross.

Important and silent project

The importance of the Red Cross for the entire Vöcklabruck district is undisputed - and when "the rescue" goes out, it is also obvious. Crisis intervention (CI), on the other hand, works where quiet tragedies occur, when a tragic experience turns one's entire life upside down. The strength of the CI-team is the quiet, pragmatic and short-term support of those affected. Markus Ringer, owner and head of sales Austria at RINGER GmbH, also expresses this opinion: "We decided to support the crisis intervention of the Red Cross because we find the work incredibly valuable. When an unforeseen event shatters lives, many fall silent because they don't know how to help. The Red Cross CI-team provides thoughtful, practical, and compassionate help in this greatest need. In this way, people are not left alone in their darkest hour. I think it takes courage to do that, and that impresses us a lot. That is why we are proud to begin a cooperative partnership with the Vöcklabruck Red Cross. We are happy to be able to help in helping."

New equipment for the CI-team

Ilse Seufer-Wasserthal, head of the CI-team, is delighted: "This corporate cooperation makes it possible to buy new CI-equipment and train new colleagues. Our missions are very important for people who are unexpectedly confronted with tragic situations. We are grateful that RINGER GmbH supports us with their cooperation to be able to assist those affected acutely and professionally."



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