Europas modernste Kunstoffsortieranlage - RINGER

Climbing formwork

to 28 Meter

in Enns, Austria


Project Data

Year of completion: 2023
Country: Österreich
Ecpertise: Industrial construction, safety on site
Aplication: Wall


Products in use

SteelMaster   Concreting platform L  Climbing platform Double Railing 

A construction project in a class of its own is currently taking shape in Ennshafen, Upper Austria. Together with (ARA) Altstoff Recycling Austria AG) and DER Grüne Punkt Holding GmbH & Co. KG, the Bernegger company from Molln is building Europe's most modern plastics sorting plant. With a sorting capacity of 100,000 tonnes per year, the plant will separate approx. 50% of Austria's light packaging by type using state-of-the-art technology from 2024 onwards.

The site is logistically planned in a sustainable manner and is ideally accessible by rail. Up to 5 block trains can be unloaded at the same time, and the plant is operated with electricity from its own PV system. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in the presence of Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler and Governor Thomas Stelzer on 3 March 2023.

Climbing formwork to 28 metres

Within only two months, the shell consisting of foundation, columns and lateral walls was raised to a height of 28m. The executing company GERSTL BAU GmbH & Co KG relied on formwork and scaffolding solutions from RINGER. The length of one wall slab of the new building is 90 metres. The wall columns at intervals of approx. 5 metres, which were necessary for structural reasons, made the formwork work difficult. For a continuous construction process, the walls were divided into two cycles each, one concreting section thus amounts to 45m with a concreting height of approx. 310cm.

Foreman Wolfgang Scholler from GERSTL BAU GmbH & Co KG relied here on the steel master formwork from RINGER, which was placed on climbing platforms. Mainly the formats 330x270cm, 330x135cm and 330x30cm were used. A universal element was used at the front of each column and anchored at the front. Due to the offset tie holes compared to the main elements, the tie rods could be attached both longitudinally and transversely without any problems.

„The tight schedule required a fast, simple and reliable solution. The RINGER Power Comp fastening system with mushroom head anchor is ideal for use with climbing platforms.“

Wolfgang Scholler, Foreman Gerstl GmbH  Co. KG

For the assembly of the climbing platforms with a max. load of 600kg/m², the Power Comp System from RINGER was used. A nail cone is fixed to the formwork facing, the anchor sleeves are attached and concreted along with the formwork. After striking, mushroom head anchors are placed and the climbing platform is suspended in the new level. Concreting platforms "L", which were hooked into the top of the formwork, ensured optimum accessibility during concreting.

For each wall slab 1,100m³ of concrete were used, together with the base slab a total of more than 4,500m³. Approximately 800 tonnes of steel were used for the necessary reinforcement.

Stair tower as a key criterion

A decisive criterion for the success of the construction site was the stairway towers required for access and, above all, for the appropriate means of escape. The RINGER stairway tower used is based on the double railing scaffold with aluminium scaffold stairs. The solution is cost-effective and, due to its construction, offers the unique advantage that safe egress is possible at any height. The basic constructions of the total of 6 stairway towers were assembled in a fixed manner with appropriate safety devices and then lifted by crane to the respective final position.


Photos: RINGER GmbH, Bernegger GmbH


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