123 SMART-Wohnungen

der Siedlungsunion

im 22. Bezirk Wiens, Österreich



Fertigstellungsjahr: Ende 2022/Anfang 2023
Land: Österreich
Kompetenzfeld: Entstehung Wohnanlage
Anwendung: Wand, Decke, Fassade


Produkte im Einsatz

Stahl Master   AluDEK   3S-Betonierbühne

SMART apartments are currently being built in Gundackergasse, 1220 Vienna. The new residential complex is part of the development of the so-called "Gehölzband" and blends in with the surrounding natural spaces of the Urban Lakeside Aspern. More than 120 residential units with an integrated kindergarten will be built in seven buildings.

The efficient Steel Master wall formwork was used for the construction of the floors. Here, adapted to the required floor heights, elements with 270cm or 330cm construction height were used. The slabs were formed with the fast modular AluDEK slab formwork. As only three main components, the AluDEK element (135x135cm), the AluDEK head as well as standard floor props are required, the assembly was particularly easy and fast. Foreman Adrian Tautscher is especially convinced by the easy handling. "Due to the few parts, the installation of the formwork went quickly from hand. The functionality of the system was also immediately clear to new employees." Fitting areas could be compensated with the help of system-compatible AL2000 wall elements. With the Infill Beam for AluDEK, residual areas and sloped surfaces were formed efficiently and with minimal use of expensive sound panels.

For safety on site, the proven RINGER parapet clamps as well as 3S platforms were used at the slab edge.


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