New Construction
of the Substation

Steinbrunn, Austria

Project Data

Year of completion: 2021
Country: Austria
Expertise: Renovation
Application: Special Solution

Products in use

Double Railing Scaffolding Modular Scaffolding

Transport ContainerStacking Racks​​​​​​​

The cabling of the voltage mast at the new substation in Steinbrunn in Burgenland had to be renewed. Netz Burgenland GmbH commissioned the scaffolding company Lion's Gerüstbau to erect suitable scaffolding.

This was solved with a RINGER Modular Scaffolding in combination with the RINGER Double Railing Scaffolding.
The Modular Scaffolding was designed as a work platform, the Double Railing Scaffolding served in combination with aluminum scaffolding stairs as a safe ascent and descent aid. In total, scaffolding was erected with a height of 32 m.

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