School Complex

Frankenburg, Austria

Project Data

Year of completion: 2022
Country: Austria
Expertise: Municipal construction
Application: Slab, Wall

Products in use

Alu Master Master Pro

Flex​​​​​​​ AluDEK

PAX-Formwork Props

Concreting PlatformClimbing Platform

Transport Container ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Stacking Pallet​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A new school complex is being built in Frankenburg, comprising an elementary school with 13 and a middle school with eight classes as well as two gyms. In total, after the planned completion for the beginning of school in 2022, a usable area of ​​5,300m² will be available. The Schmid Construction Group from Frankenburg am Hausruck has been entrusted with the structural work.

RINGER formwork and scaffolding systems play a central role in the new construction. The walls are shuttered with the new Master PRO wall formwork that can be operated from one side. With element sizes of up to 300x240cm, large areas could also be formed quickly. Due to the reduced time required for one-sided anchoring and the large formwork area per anchor, the labor costs could be reduced by more than a third.

The extra-light AluDEK ceiling formwork was used to form the ceilings. The system consists of only three central components, the slab formwork element, the RINGER AluDEK head and standard props. The system combines the advantages of an element slab formwork with the advantages of a conventional large-area formwork. The formwork element made of stable aluminum profiles with the dimensions 1.35 x 1.35m (1.82m ²) ensures quick forming in normal range. The low weight of the elements of only 16kg/m² made it easy and quick to work on the construction site. Thanks to the sophisticated, stable aluminum construction, ceilings up to 30cm thick could be concreted without additional shoring.

Foreman Josef Scheibl is impressed by the RINGER innovations: “Thanks to the simple assembly of the AluDEK slab formwork and the one-sided anchoring of the Master PRO wall formwork, construction progress was much faster than expected. The time savings are enormous! "

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