bauprojekt mit gerüst und kran von ringer gmbh

Old company premises

becomes gym and office

in Ried am Innkreis, Austria


Project data

Year of completion: 2023
Country: Österreich
Expertise: Conversion to a gym
​​​​​​​Application: Wall, ceiling, facade


Products in Use

MasterPRO  AluDEK  Concreting Platform L  Speedy Scaffolding ​​​​​​​ Climbing Platform​​​​​​​

At the former premises of the company Eisen Wagner in Ried im Innkreis a new building in concrete construction has been built. The building, which will be used as an office building and gym, was constructed by Wiesinger Bau GmbH from Tumeltsham. The walls were formed using the single-sided operable Master PRO formwork. The durable all-over plastic plywood from Alkus was used. Thanks to the perfectly matching panel grid, the floor plan could be formed quickly and efficiently, and the operability from one side supported a fast construction progress. To gain on height, the formwork was stacked with horizontal panels. Mandatory safety standards during concreting were ensured by the concreting platform "L" and subsequently by the RINGER climbing platform.


The slabs, with slab heights varying from 3 to 5 meters depending on the floor, were formed using AluDEK panel slab formwork. The 1,35x1,35m large panels allow a fast forming in standard areas. This also made it possible to achieve a uniform jointing of the ceiling pattern. Fitting areas were quickly created with the help of the AluDEK Infill Beam and RINGER 3S- formwork sheet.

Site Manager Lukas Hofer, from the Wiesinger Bau GmbH, is very satisfied with the performance of the two formwork solutions from RINGER. Both the AluDEK-Slab formwork and the Master PRO were convincing in terms of operability and speed.


Let´s build!



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