Protection Project

Torrent Construction

in Treffen, Austria


Project Data

Year of competion: 2022
Country: Austria
Expertise: Municipal Construction
​​​​​​​Application: Wall


Products in use

Steel MasterConcreting Platform

Climbing PlatformTransport Container

Stacking Pallet​​​​​​​

The mountains of Austria always offer new challenges when it comes to building. The Wildbach and Avalanche Construction makes an important contribution to the safety of people and buildings. Particularly impressive is the 71m wide and 15.3m high construction of the Pöllinger Bach in Treffen at Ossiacher See. Projects like this require very good planning during construction and close cooperation between contractors and formwork suppliers. The formwork material required for the various cycles was continuously optimized to ensure the most efficient use possible.

With up to 1.5m thick foundation slabs and 1.35 thick walls, the building made high demands on both planning and execution. The robust Steel Master formwork with element heights of up to 3.30m was used. With a performance of 80kN/m² permissible fresh concrete pressure, this formwork system is designed for highest loads. This made it possible to plan very flexibly with the different wall thicknesses. The overlay with a thickness of 3.18m was formed and concreted in one piece with correspondingly long tie rods.

The extensive accessories included Concreting Platforms, Climbing Platforms and Rock Anchors. The Corner Ledgers for the outer corners, which were specially manufactured for this project, are a specialty. With its help, the enormous cutting forces of the up to 1.35 thick and 4.5m high construction sections resulting from the fresh concrete pressure could be safely and properly transferred, even in the area of the outer corners.

A new suspension system from RINGER was used to suspend the climbing platforms. The combination of the PowerComb anchor sleeve with the associated mushroom head anchor represented a significant simplification of the necessary work steps. The anchor sleeves were installed according to the RINGER's planning and the climbing platforms were hooked up.

For the construction of the sloping sluice walls, the formwork panels were supplemented with wooden structures through which the concrete could be introduced and compacted.


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