Innsbruck Cathedral of St. Jacob

in Innsbruck, Österreich


Project data

Completion year: 2022
Country: Austria
Field of competence: Scaffolding
Application: Indoor scaffolding, Public access


Products in use

Modular Scaffolding   Rolling Tower public  Speedy Scaffolding

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary in 2 years, the interior of Innsbruck Cathedral is being completely renovated. The baroque frescoes by painter Cosmas Damian Asam are also being cleaned of dust and candles and repaired. Until the beginning of October 2022, visitors can climb the cathedral themselves. A huge scaffold, weighing a total of 300 tonnes, will enable them to work safely. The public has the rare opportunity to see the baroque paintings up close at a height of up to 25 metres.

This is made possible by a RINGER scaffolding system erected by Mair Gerüstbau from Natters. The construction is a combination of Module – Rolling Tower sowie dem RINGER Speedy Scaffolding.

The newly developed Module – Rolling Tower Public enables safe ascent over 11 floors. The platform at the top ensures comfortable, safe working and viewing of the frescoes.

A time-lapse video of the scaffolding is available at the following link:


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