Modular Scaffolding

The individually configurable scaffolding system for any purpose!

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Product Features

> Confirming to standards

> Versatile

  • Vertical stand pipe heights: 0,50 m / 1,00 m / 2,00 m / 3,00 m / 4,00 m
  • Field lenghts: 0,73 m / 1,00 m / 1,25 m / 1,50 m / 2,00 m / 2,50 m / 3,00 m
  • Wide range of accessories

Long life due to galvanization

​​​​​​​Steel plankings for loads up to 600 kg/m²

> ​​​​​​ Possible applications

  • Facade scaffolding in various widths
  • Pedestrian passage
  • Stair Towers (4 different systems)
  • Plateau scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Platforms
  • Special Structures
  • Support frame
  • etc...

Time and cost saving

  • Fast assembly with wedge slice
  • Low costs of transportation and storage​​​​​ (due to single parts)

> The scaffolding for any purpose

The use of RINGER Modular Scaffolding begins where other facade scaffoldings start to fail.


Our galvanized Modular Scaffolding offers all possibilities of modern scaffolding construction.

Possibilities applications: facade scaffolding, stair tower, rolling tower, plateau scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, pedestrian passage, support frame, stage design, special event constructions.

Smart technology and simple handling allow fast, cost-effecitve and flexible assemly.


Scaffoldings for special constructions or complicated forms are easly assembled with our systems.


Module node

The core of the modular scaffolding is the scaffolding plate. Up to 8 elements can be mounted on a plate, which results in a wide range of construction options.

Connect with a Hammer blow

The system with a wedge lock ensures that the individual parts are quickly connected. The wedge is inserted into the plate and connected positively and non-positively with a hammer blow.

Stable Covering

Indestructible steel coverings with practical handles ensure quick work.

- Hot-dip galvanized surface
- anti-slip profiling
- Integrated anti-excavation protection
- 30cm width
- up to scaffolding group 6 (600 kg / m²) depending on the length of the decking
- corresponds to BauV and ÖNORM B4007

Scaffolding Tower with string

(Base 5,00 x 2,50 m)

Access height 1,50 m

For use as emergency stairway

Scaffolding Tower XL

(Base 4,00 x 1,50 m)

With platforms

Access height 2,00 m

Scaffolding Tower Standard

(Base 2,50 x 1,50 m)

Without platforms

Access height 2,00 m


Maximum load of vertical standpipe 15 kN (1.500 kg)

Passage Frames

Passage widths possible up to 4 m.

Follow up with facade scaffolding or modular scaffolding is possible.

Rolling Tower

Single Rolling Towers or mobile platforms are possible in various dimensions.




Renovation of Schlaining Castle


Schlaining Castle was completely renovated in the course of the anniversary state exhibition that will take place in spring 2021. For the outside area, the modular scaffolding was used as a stair tower in order to reach difficult areas and heights without any problems.

New Construction of the Substation Steinbrunn, Austria

The cabling of the voltage mast at the new substation in Steinbrunn in Burgenland had to be renewed. 

The Project​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Project​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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