Speedy Scaffolding galvanized

Information: 1000 m²

new platforms


Frames 0,65 x 2 m for Speedy Scaffolding galvanized164 pcs.
Platform 0,6 x 2,5 NEW (red) Scafflding Group 3156 pcs.
Horizontal Brace galvanized 2,50 m360 pcs.
Diagonal Brace galvanized 2,50 m100 pcs.
End Brace 0,65 m with Coupler for SG and DG10 pcs.
Guardrail Post galvanized 41 pcs.
Base Jack 25/40 galvanized50 pcs.
Board Bearer 0,65 m galvanized10 pcs.
Anchor 0,6 m galvanized30 pcs.
Coupler galvanized30 pcs.
RINGER Pallet Cage with Flap galvanized1 pcs.
Stacking Pallet for props galvanized2 pcs.
Stacking Pallet RATIO for scaffolding galvanized4 pcs.
Alu-platform 2,5 m with trapdoor and ladder4 pcs.


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Product Condition:

€ 15.850,00

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